Scenes from the Morgan Amps party at Bootlegger's Brewery in Fullerton, CA. Joe Morgan had quite a turn out with plenty of amps to demo. All of Joe's amps are based around Mercury transformers.

Joel Jones, of Simple Amps, revealed their "Student SE" model. It's available in two flavors -- one with the Mercury Upgrades (on the right) and another without.
Left -- Dan Boul of 65Amps revealed their new 6V6-based "Empire" head that features three Brit voices -- from 1965 to 1995. Center -- Jamie Scott of 3rd Power Amps demos the "American Dream" -- switchable between a '62 brownface and '65 blackface. And far right, Roy Blankenship of Blankenship Amplification demos his "VariPlex" that is based on a particularly wonderful-sounding '68 Plexi.

Far left -- group hug with Patrick Selfridge (Mercury), Nic Patullo (New Vintage Amps), Chris Henry (Voodoo Amps), Trace Davis (Voodoo Amps) and Paul Patronete (Mercury). Middle-left -- Tommy Ichikawa (Taurus Corporation), Patrick Selfridge, Shinya Miyagawa (Taurus Corporation) and Masa Kondo (Soniq Trading). Middle-right -- Patrick Selfridge and "Moby" (Black Label Society). Right -- Patrick Selfridge, Carl Verheyen, Steve Trovato and Paul Patronete at the "All Star Guitar Night."

We couldn't resist -- this resonator is based around a vintage Ford Mercury-based hubcap!


A few shots from Muriel Anderson's "All Star Guitar Night" at the Marriot. Featured artists included: Carl Verheyen, Steve Trovato, Lee Ritenour, Billy Sheehan, Seymour Duncan, and many others. Event producer:

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