Post Amp Show 2009 NEWS!


Featured in Mercury's room:

  • Preview of the VOX AC4TV Upgrade Kit!

  • Mercury-equipped Carvin Legacy II Giveaway!

  • Artists Carl Verheyen & Steve Trovato!

  • Lots of A/B amp comparisons and custom designs by Alan Cyr!

  • Free Mercury T-shirts, posters and other swag for all who demo'd amps in our room!

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Carl Verheyen demos Mercury's
new VOX AC4TV Upgrade Kit

Steve Trovato demos Mercury's
new VOX AC4TV Upgrade Kit

Amp Show host, Loni Specter (sporting
latest T-Shirt) stopped by with
with model Ashley Danielle

Teaser trio of VOX AC4TVs:
Stock and two stages of the
upcoming Mercury Upgrades

Mercury's room was continually
jammed with tone fans

The roll out of the NEW
Carvin Legacy II Amp
Giveway Contest

It was the 5th Annual Amp Show, held at the Airtel Hotel and Convention Center in Van Nuys, CA on October 3rd, 2009. This year Mercury again occupied room 192. Manning the room was Paul Patronete -- VP Sales, Patrick Selfridge -- Sales & Support Network, Alan Cyr --, Paul "the other Paul" Smith -- VP Marketing. As usual, our room was very popular and crowded. Several players stopped by, including Carl Verheyen and Steve Trovato, to give a show.

Mercury's room featured a number of A/B comparison amps -- along with a PREVIEW of a new project: The VOX AC4TV Upgrade Kit. Our newest Upgrade Kit showcases our gorgeous-sounding, high-end transformers along with two (2) configurations! The prototype is completed and has a 5-star approval from the pro-players who've been working with it. We're just finalizing the Upgrade Kit now, so you can expect to see and hear it by early December 2009!

At the show we also rolled out the new Carvin Legacy II Giveaway. Every so often we sponsor giveaways of amps that feature Mercury transformers. Carvin's latest, with help from Steve Vai and amp designer Ben Fargen, was on display. Go ahead and enter -- just follow this link.

Numerous other amp companies featuring Mercury transformers were at the show. For a sampling, check out the YouTube videos from our friends at Premier Guitar below.


And here's some great videos from our friends at:

LA Amp Show '09 -- Nolatone Amps CL15, 22 Tango & CL30 demos.

Carl Verheyen plays "All You Need is Love" on a Nolatone CL15 Chimey Limey.

LA Amp Show '09 -- Satellite Amps Nveus demo.

LA Amp Show '09 -- Channing Amps CL30 & CL45 demos.

(Stay tuned for more videos and pictures of the show!!!)

Demo an amp -- get a FREE T-shirt. Two new Mercury T-shirts designs given to show attendees this year.

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