Premier Guitar Magazine's Joe Coffey interview with Mercury's Paul Patronete and Patrick Selfridge.

Carl Verheyen & Steve Trovato at the Mercury room.

Brian Kahanek at the Mercury room. (Apologies for the sound quality, this was shot on a cheapy Handycam.)

Post Amp Show 2008 NEWS!

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It was the 4th annual Amp Show, held at the Airtel Hotel and Convention Center at the Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles on October 4th & 5th. This year Mercury occupied room 192.

Mercury's room featured a number of A/B comparison amps -- with the debut of the upgraded Blackheart Little Giant to Mercury's Mean 13 and the Orange Tiny Terror to Mercury's Holy Terror.

The A/B comparisons are produced as specially priced transformer demonstration kits with the idea of helping players and amp techs understand the critical relationships of transformers to tone.

Although the kits are all based around upgrading inexpensive tube-based amps with high-grade MI-quality transformers, the same principles apply to any tube-based guitar amp -- no matter what size or cost. Most of the kits include a few resistor and capacitor changes to compensate for improved dynamic response of our transformers.

Other amps on demonstration included:

Anyone taking the "Mercury Challenge" was given a free custom-run Mercury "High-Def Guitar Tone" T-shirt. Want one? Click here.

Scenes from Mercury's AMP SHOW room

Manning the room was Sergio Hamernik, Paul Patronete -- VP Sales, Paul "the other Paul" Smith -- VP Marketing, Patrick Selfridge -- Sales & Support Network, Alan Cyr --, and Don Butler -- As usual, our room was very popular and often crowded. Several players stopped by, including Carl Verheyen and Steve Trovato, to give a show.