Mercury Magnetics
I.D. Plates

Let the uninitiated know there's no substitute
for Mercury-quality trannys!

Our I.D. plates use antique-colored inks and are made from 1/32" aluminum. They're backed with 3M's 467MP 200MP solid-holding adhesive backing. The red version also comes with 4 brass, slot-head mounting screws for an added vintage look.

Plates are automatically shipped FREE with all transformer orders.

BLACK or RED I.D. Plates
Only $2.50 ea. / $1.75 for 10 or more
MM-Plate-2 (black) and MM-Plate-3 (red) Size: 2.5" x 1"

RED I.D. Plate (with screw mounting holes)
Only $2.50 ea. / $1.75 for 10 or more
Code: MM-Plate-1 Size: 3" x 1.25"

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