Axiom® & ToneClone® Series Transformers for Supro and Supro-style Amplifiers

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Legend: OT = Output Transformer, PT = Power Transformer, C = Choke, RT = Reverb Transformer, PI = Phase Inverter, IS = Inter-Stage Transformer, F = Filament Transformer




OT SUP-25-O  '60s Supro -- 25 watt 138.00

OT SUP-30-O Supro -- 30 watt 101.00

OT SUP-TH-O Supro Thunderbolt 159.00

OT SUP-TREM-O  Supro Trem-O-Verb 101.00

OT SUP-TROJ-O  Supro Trojan -- #T-109 112.00

OT SUP-1624T-O '60s Supro -- model 1624 149.00

OT SUP-1624T-OM '60s Supro -- model 1624 -- 4, 8 & 16Ω taps 175.00

OT SUP-SUPER-O Supro Super 122.00

PT SUP-SUPER-P Supro Super 122.00

PT SUP-TH-P  Supro Thunderbolt 170.00

PT SUP-TH-PR Supro Thunderbolt -- tube rectified version 223.00

PT SUP-TH-PR/240 Supro Thunderbolt -- tube rectified version -- 220V, 230V & 240V primary 250.00

PT SUP-TH-P/240 Supro Thunderbolt -- 220V, 230V & 240V primary 197.00

PT SUP-TREMO-P Supro Tremoverb Lower B+ version 165.00

PT SUP-TREMO-PM Supro Tremoverb 165.00

PT SUP-1624T-P '60s Supro -- model 1624 170.00

PT SUP-1624T-P/240 '60s Supro -- model 1624 --
220V, 230V & 240V primary

PT SUP-1650-RTA-P Twin Amp -- Model 1650-RTA -- Drop-in Upgrade! 202.00


Twin Amp -- Model 1650-RTA --
220V, 230V & 240V primary taps -- Drop-in Upgrade!


PT SUP-ROYREV-P Royal Reverb -- model S6650 202.00

PT SUP-SPEC-P Supro Spectator -- Drop-in Upgrade! 106.00

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CAUTION! The voltages in your amplifier can be dangerous. Transformers and chokes are not user serviceable parts. Installation of these components should always be performed by an experienced technician. The simple ability to use a soldering iron is not enough to qualify a "do it yourself person." Those who are inexperienced in working with electronic circuits should never attempt to service their amplifier. Household line currents can be deadly!! Transformers, chokes and large filter capacitors can store a dangerous charge for several days or more after the amplifier has been unplugged. Never touch the terminals of such devices without being certain of their charge status. Risk of shock and damage to equipment may result from mishandling and/or improper use of these components. Please use common sense and always think safety first. After all, tone is most enjoyed when you are alive to hear it.