I know you've heard all this before but I just got a Mercury Upgraded Epiphone Valve Jr. Head and was able to record it along with a stock head for comparison. I was really surprised. The upgrade was everything I'd hoped... and more. Great job guys and thanks.

Sample sound files:

Just a bunch of mindless noodling but you'll get the idea. I used a Les Paul. Would have done an additional demo with a Strat but it was too much work. Played through a Boogie 4x12 cabinet (Celestion Vintage 30s on top/EV "Force" on bottom). There are 3 sections on each sample -- 9 o'clock / 12 o'clock / 3 o'clock.

Recorded with an SM57 close and an Audio Technica 4033 about 3 feet away. Both samples recorded exactly the same -- I just switched out the head. No effects except a little room reverb added in Protools.

-- Steve McCabe




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