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Fender Champ "600" demo: Compares an original 1951, a new stock (unmodded) version, and a Mercury Magnetics Upgraded amp. The demo performed by guitar teacher Sam Swank. (This unsolicited video was shot and posted on by one of Sam's students.) Thanks guys!

The kit's full color manual walks you through the process of the Mercury Upgrade. Complete with everything you need, except the amp to make the upgrade.

Experienced amp techs will tell you that transformers are the basis of any great-sounding amp. Make no mistake about it, without quality transformers your amp won't be a contender!

That's exactly why Mercury specializes in premium transformer upgrades. Few factory-made amps come with "good iron" these days. So your tone suffers. But you can finish the job and wring the best-possible tone from any tube-based amp by upgrading their ordinary stock transformers to high-performance Mercurys.

A stock Champ "600" (or Gretsch Electromatic) is a cool-looking little practice amp, but it lacks "I just wanna keep playing" tone. Simply swapping the existing transformers for quality upgrades yields amazing tonal results -- but at Mercury we went for a knock-out!

Mercury already had ToneClones of the best-sounding Fender Champ transformer designs of all time. But for the Champ "600" project we took a completely different approach to give the little amp even more -- utilizing our new Axiom technology.

The Axiom series are an exciting new concept in transformer design, and proprietary to Mercury. What do you get? More harmonic overtones, more volume, more note definition (where you need it!) -- with tone that's saturated in sparkle and bloom. As a result an upgraded amp is a pleasure and an inspiration to play. And, the phenomenon of "ear fatigue" (the reason you don't want to keep on playing or listening) is virtually eliminated!

Mercury's kit has everything you need to upgrade your amp including detailed step-by-step, full color, illustrations, schematics and photographs to help guide you through the process. Our Mercury Upgrade Kit dramatically transforms your Fender Champ "600" (or Gretsch Electromatic) into a keeper.

It's time you put on the pro gloves and got into the ring. Treat yourself to the best little amp money can buy. Call Mercury now to order your upgrade kit -- or for an authorized installer near you.

For the ultimate ride, take advantage of the speaker-out jack and bypass the amp's onboard 6" speaker altogether. The Mercury Upgrade was originally previewed at the LA Amp Show to rave reviews. At the show we A/B'd the stock against the upgraded amp and, to the amazement of those who attended, also demo'd the upgrade powering a full stack (see photo)!

Radically Upgrade the tone of your Champ "600"!
Order your Mercury Upgrade Kit now!

To order call Patrick Selfridge at (818) 998-7791!

Also see the Mercury Upgrade Kits for the VOX AC4tv, Epiphone Valve Jr., Blackheart "Little Giant" and Orange "Tiny Terror" amps.

Read what these Mercury Upgrade Kit owners have to say

"The only thing this doesn't do is get up and get me a beer." -- Dan Parkins

"Wanted to drop you guys a line on the Mercury Upgrade for my Fender Champion "600". I'm definitely a noob to the whole amp-mod thing but after some serious due diligence and a small fortune in trying to upgrade by picking better tubes for the stock Champ "600", I settled with your kit. Not knowing what I was in for, I'm really happy about it.

"Instructions were really good -- I can't read schematics but your photos were super clear and instructions were clearer.

"Once I popped the stock 12AX7 and upgraded 6V6 back in, it was really a night and day experience. When plugged into my 65amps Celestion cab, it was indistinguishable from some of my other amps (costing 10x as much).

"This is by far the most economical way to an amp that rivals those '50s era tweed Champs and if you want, a surprising amount of output and authority, now it can be gigged, there's no better value ratio out there for this much tone. Good Job!

"Sound clips to follow once I get a recording that does the live experience justice." -- Chris Astolfo

"I've been performing with the Mercury Upgraded Champ "600" for a couple months now. Wow! It looks like the same amp, but it sure doesn't sound the same. Huge improvement in both tone and volume.

"I played a 4th of July party at a restaurant packed with 250+ people. I used this amp un-mic'd, for rhythm guitar, with the volume on about '3˝.' Our sound man could hear it loud and clear everywhere in this large facility. Unreal, that such a small package could pack this much wallop. I've used it successfully at several other venues as well.

"The Mercury conversion for the Champion "600" is well thought out, and is an excellent product. I'm glad I bought it."

-- Glenn McGrath

"I talked to you a few months ago about getting a Champ 600 kit. I ordered one from Beyond Eleven and got it installed and it sounds AMAZING. I gave y’all a shout out on too. Thank you so much for your product and for making my Champ sound like a $1,000 boutique amp for a fraction of the price. I really am blown away at how good this thing sounds now. It’s like night and day."

-- Lucian Crockett

Complete AxiomŽ Upgrade Kit for the Champion "600"



    Champion "600" or Gretsch Electromatic
  • Mercury Axiom power transformer

  • Mercury Axiom output transformer

  • Mercury Axiom Mini-Choke

  • Custom-designed 6" speaker*

  • Other parts necessary to make the mod

  • Fully illustrated color manual, with wiring schematics on CD-ROM

*Note: The stock speaker couldn't handle the output. So, we auditioned several speaker designs before settling on the pick of the litter.

AxiomŽ C600-KIT Mercury Upgrade Kit for Fender Champion "600" amps (Version 1) $275.00


(Plus Shipping & handling)


For all countries other than the U.S.A. or multiple cords please email or call Mercury Magnetics at
(818) 998-7791


  • This is a specially developed and priced kit. At this time we are not selling the components individually.

  • All kits sold in North America are available in 120V only. At this time non-North American versions are not available.

*NOTE: Mercury's Upgrade Kit does not include the amplifier -- only the components necessary for the Upgrade of an existing amp.

Also see the Mercury Upgrade Kits for the Epiphone Valve Jr., Vox AC4tv Orange "Tiny Terror" and the Blackheart "Little Giant" series amps.

Many thanks to the numerous artists for their greatly valued input on this project.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a specially developed and priced kit. At this time we are not selling the components individually. THESE KITS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE USA/CANADA 120V VERSIONS ONLY. AT THIS TIME THERE IS NO EXPORT (NON-NORTH AMERICAN) VERSION.

This project and its documentation is the result of technical investigations made by the engineering staff of Mercury Magnetics. The disclosure of the information herein may pertain to proprietary rights, and the furnishing of these documents does not constitute an expressed or implied license to use such materials. Mercury reserves the right to make changes to the Champion "600" kit or its components without notice, at any time.

CAUTION! The voltages in your amplifier can be dangerous. Transformers and chokes are not user serviceable parts. Installation of these components should always be performed by an experienced technician. The simple ability to use a soldering iron is not enough to qualify a "do it yourself person." Those who are inexperienced in working with electronic circuits should never attempt to service their amplifier. Household line currents can be deadly!! Transformers, chokes and large filter capacitors can store a dangerous charge for several days or more after the amplifier has been unplugged. Never touch the terminals of such devices without being certain of their charge status. Risk of shock and damage to equipment may result from mishandling and/or improper use of these components. Please use common sense and always think safety first. After all, tone is most enjoyed when you are alive to hear it.

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(818) 998-7791

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