Thru December 2011 Issues of Vintage Guitar Magazine and the 2012 VP Price Guide
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This month's full page color ad:

  • Theme -- "Pound-for-pound no other component comes close to delivering more for your amp's TONE than Mercury." Our ad illustrates the more "weighted" importance of transformer upgrades vs. other components. Mercury introduced the concept of  and reasons for transformer upgrades several years ago. As more amp techs, builders and players make this discovery for themselves there's a slow-but-sure revolution going on in tube-amp tone. Beyond hype and me-too claims, this is the real deal. But... you'll have to discover that for yourself.

  • Winners of the VOX AC4tv Upgrade Contest!

This month's 1/4 page color ad:

Theme -- What's under your hood? Imagine how your Marshall would sound if you loaded it with substantially more iron. Our ad discusses transformer upgrades for your modern Marshall DSL-series amps. More iron and the addition of a choke for awesome improvements in your amp's tone.

Price Guide 2011 ad:

Published annually by Vintage Guitar magazine and selling more than 130,000 copies to date, The Guide not only includes historical data, it is the only book that lists values derived from comprehensive research and hard-nosed, realistic market analysis on thousands of vintage and recent-model guitars, amps, basses, effects pedals, mandolins, lap steels, ukuleles, and banjos. You can rely on The Guide to help determine the value of your prized vintage or collectible instrument. 

The Guide includes information on more than 1,800 brands supplemented by over 1,100 photos, along with an in-depth look at the factors that drive the collectible instrument market. Professional players, guitar dealers and collectors trust only one source for accurate values on vintage gear!

To find out more, or order a copy, follow this link.

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