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Mercury Magnetics transformers are legendary for their stunning tonal superiority, build quality, consistency, and reliability. We believe in old-world customer service and single-minded product focus. Transformers are our only business -- allowing us to concentrate on providing you with the best-sounding guitar amplifier "iron" anywhere. We're also very proud to let you know that every transformer is handmade by us, using exclusively American components, right here in California. Mercury Magnetics maintains an on-going collection of vintage transformer components, building material, and machinery, in order to preserve period accuracy.

Mercury Magnetics founded in Southern California in 1954 and incorporated in 1968.

For Amp Techs

Attention Guitar Amp Techs! Mercury Magnetics is actively building a worldwide referral Service & Support Network (SSN) to help players with their transformer needs. Our program includes customer referrals, special discounts, technical assistance, and fast-track support. If you provide guitar amplifier repairs or service and are interested in learning more about this program, please call us today.

Mercury's Service & Support Network (SSN) is here for you. For more information, call or email Patrick Selfridge at (818) 998-7791, Sales@MercuryMagnetics.com.


For Manufacturers, OEMs & Boutique Amp Builders

Mercury Magnetics has the right combination of experience to meet your specific requirements. Innovative engineering along with flexible scheduling assures our customers that Just in Time and Ship to Stock needs are met with full confidence while cost control is maintained. Custom designs, quality assurance and safety standards are included as part of our total customer support. And you can count on no-nonsense pricing that often beats standard off-the-shelf components, while not being bound to their limitations.

Call, email or fax us with your specifications. Our experienced team is ready to give your project the attention it deserves and quote you favorable pricing and delivery. Design, prototypes, small and large lot production and testing, ship to stock, just in time, all done under the same roof. Competitive pricing, dependable on time deliveries and full engineering support without compromise.



Due to logistics we try to ship all orders via UPS (for both within domestic and worldwide shipments). By request we will also ship via the U.S. Postal Service. The exception is if you have an account with an another carrier, such as FedEx or DHL -- where you specifically request that your order be shipped and paid by your account. For more information, please talk to your Mercury Magnetics sales representative. Shipping and handling charges on all orders are determined at the time of shipping.


Whenever possible we will ship your order in recycled boxes. It's good for the environment, and it saves you money. Thank you for helping us recycle.

Payment methods:

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal. PayPal users send payments through PayPal@MercuryMagnetics.com. For manufacturers or large volume vendors, please contact your Mercury Magnetics sales representative for terms.

For more information, assistance, quotes or inquiries:

10050 Remmet Ave. • Chatsworth, CA 91311 • FAX (818) 998-7835

(818) 998-7791

Also patrick.selfridge

CAUTION! The voltages in your amplifier can be dangerous. Transformers and chokes are not user serviceable parts. Installation of these components should always be performed by an experienced technician. The simple ability to use a soldering iron is not enough to qualify a "do it yourself person." Those who are inexperienced in working with electronic circuits should never attempt to service their amplifier. Household line currents can be deadly!! Transformers, chokes and large filter capacitors can store a dangerous charge for several days or more after the amplifier has been unplugged. Never touch the terminals of such devices without being certain of their charge status. Risk of shock and damage to equipment may result from mishandling and/or improper use of these components. Please use common sense and always think safety first. After all, tone is most enjoyed when you are alive to hear it.