EXPIRATION DATE: About midnight April 30, 2011

Here’s your chance to WIN one of the most sought-after little amps around.

2 Ways to Enter -- Lots to Win!

Here’s how to enter (choose either or both methods):

The contest is open to North American guitarists only. Winners will be chosen based on:

Method 1 -- Share Your PoVs

What do you most want from a small and compact amp?

Choose only one box.

Just for practice

Good enough for recording

Loud enough for gigging

Something I can play in my bedroom



From what you know or have heard about the Mercury Studio-Pro Upgrade, what is its most important benefit?

Choose only one box.

Recording-quality sound

Boutique-quality tone at an affordable cost

More vintage VOX-like tone

Improved reliability

An important upgrade I can do myself



When it comes to modifying an amp...

Choose only one box.

I'd rather have an amp tech do it for me

I'll do the upgrade myself



Do you have an amp tech who is your "go to" guy?

Choose only one box.

Yes No

I am an amp tech

I prefer to tweak and customize equipment myself and don't usually use a tech

Optional: If yes, would you recommend his/her name and phone number? Reason -- we offer support to techs installing these kits.

Name of Amp Tech  
State or Province  
City or Town  
Phone Number  

How would you describe VOX tone? 250 words or less, please.

Method 2 -- YouTube Entries 

BONUS: When you submit a YouTube video you'll automatically move to the head of the pack -- your YouTube entry counts the same as 10 multiple-choice entries!


All YouTube entries may be completely freeform and open to whatever creativity you have at your disposal -- but you must mention VOX AC4tv and the Mercury Studio-Pro Upgrade Kit at least four (4) times to qualify. Entries may show off your musical talent, humor or pitch to win the Upgraded amp, the Upgrade Kit for your existing VOX AC4tv, or Carl Verheyen CDs.



Be sure to let us know that you'll be competing by filling out the "Contact Information" below. Then email us when you post your YouTube entry(s) at

Method 1 and 2 -- Your Contact Information



Yes, I'll be submitting at least one YouTube contest entry.

No YouTube contest entry.

And here's the fine print:

This contest is open to North American guitars only. All entries must be received by midnight April 30, 2011. No purchase from either Mercury or VOX is necessary. All entries must answer the contest questions and supply contact information as outlined above. Only one entry per person -- duplicates will be discarded. Exception to the "One entry per person" rule: Make one or more YouTube video(s) and gain the equivalent of 10 entries per entry (see outline above). Entries containing only contact information without a YouTube entry will be discarded. Carl Verheyen and the staff of Mercury Magnetics will be selecting winners based on our own completely arbitrary criteria. A minimum of six amp winners will be chosen, four with VOX supplied AC4tv combo amps and Mercury Studio-Pro Upgrade Kits, and two fully Upgraded and assembled VOX-supplied amps. Some additional entries may qualify for Mercury Upgrade Kits without the amp. PLUS there will be lots of Carl Verheyen "Trading 8s" CD giveaways, too. Kit and amp winners may be required to sign and return an affidavit of compliance with these rules and a release for the use of his/her name for publicity purposes without further consideration. And kit and amp winners agree to supply a photograph or be photographed with the contest giveaway and allow this photo to be used for publicity purposes by Mercury Magnetics and VOX. This offer is void where prohibited by law, and is subject to all applicable federal, state, provincial, and local regulations. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the winner. This Contest is open to anyone in North America except employees of VOX, Mercury Magnetics and participating dealers. Winner releases VOX Amplification, Mercury Magnetics, Gulf Enterprises Inc., its affiliates, agents, and employees from any responsibility or liability in connection with any loss, accident, or death incurred in connection with the use of this giveaway. Please note that the Mercury Studio-Pro Upgrade voids the VOX factory warranty. These rules and conditions may change without prior notice. All submissions will remain the property of Mercury Magnetics.

For more information, assistance, quotes or inquiries:

9167 Independence Ave. • Chatsworth, CA 91311 • FAX (818) 998-7835

(818) 998-7791

Also paul.patronete or patrick.selfridge